All In This Tea


In 1998 I began collaborating with the acclaimed documentary filmmaker Les Blank. In 2007 we completed the feature documentary All In This Tea, which was ten years in the making. In All In This Tea, Les Blank followed the world-renowned American tea importer, David Lee Hoffman, to some of the most remote regions of China as he searched for the finest teas in the world, handmade by small farmers for generations. 

In February of 2007, All In This Tea had its world premiere at the Berlin International Film Festival. Since then it has gone on to screen in over forty festivals around the world, and was broadcast on Sundance Channel in the U.S. and SVT in Sweden.


The New York Times called All In This Tea “. . . a delicious documentary!”

The Hollywood Reporter said that All In This Tea is “. . . an entertaining portrait of an eccentric figure whose passion proves infectious.”

“This film is both delightful and informative at every turn. . .Blank and Leibrecht have done a masterful job of assembling this film.” — The San Francisco Chronicle

". . .packs in more information (not to mention pleasure) per celluloid foot than anything you'll see this year, fiction or non." — Dennis Harvey, San Francisco Bay Guardian


All In This Tea is available internationally for institutions through Kanopy Streaming Service and Bullfrog Films. 

For more information about Les Blank, and for a complete catalogue of his films, visit: www.lesblank.com